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New Experiments

I have been experimenting quite a bit the last few days. The final vestiges of my jetlag seem to be falling by the wayside and I feel my mind opening up and beginning to be creative again. I brought home a treasure trove of fun stuff to play with. New paints, micas, tools and mediums. Much fuel for a creative fire!

I have been tossing a few ideas around for my new collection. I had planned on fleshing it out more when I was on my trip but vacations really are another world aren’t they? I completely just let it all go and so I came home with not many more ideas than I left with. Loss of sleep further deterred me but finally, I am making some headway.

I learned a new technique this vacation from a dear friend. She makes awesome pieces and let me play with her tools. This dotting technique is just lovely in how it works up. It is a bit tricker than I expected and I am having to really work to get it right. I am pretty happy with the last few things I did though. I know I have to get more even and exact with those tiny little pinprick dots but I am working on it,

I also had a try at mixing my own paint! I bought some lovely pearlescent mica pigments and mixed this wonderful pearl white and gold paint myself. Although I am still not happy with my tiny dots I am getting the fluidity down and the dots are smoother. I have to wait for a few things before I can finish this experiment but I am happy with what I have made up so far.

What do you think of this method? Do you like it?

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