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Of Moving and Still Being Creative

   I have been quiet here since I finished my website, mainly because my life has been filled with things having nothing to do with my art. My husband and I have made a very big decision. We are selling our house and moving to the nearest big town here, Colmar. It is a much needed change but not done without some regret. I love this house up on the side of the mountain. I love the view, the quiet, being so close to nature. But I also crave the city, being close to what I need. I do not drive. This has been a true hardship for me. Since we are SO far out into the mountains we are the last stop on the bus line. It only comes to the town four times a day and makes running into town for a quick errand impossible. There is no post office of grocery store here. I am truly in the sticks! I am also alone most of the time since Frenchie works in Switzerland and stays there during the week. A change was needed.

   So we are finishing up our big remodeling projects. The bathroom is almost finished and the same with our new bedroom.  We will be moving in two weeks. There is still much to do so it is taking away from my creative time but I have not stopped at all! I live to create and so I find little times to sit and make. It keeps me going.

    I have changed my thinking on how I create and have decided that from now on I will create groups of things that run along a certain theme and release them all at once when they are finished. This is very exciting for me. It gives me a lot of room to brainstorm and come up with a great idea with lots of fun making more than just one piece. It is a great challenge also to make a group of pieces that are cohesive.  It is with this in mind that I have started working on my first themed set. My dear sweet daughter created a face group for me so I could discuss my upcoming lines. She is a great support for me and I think my biggest fan, haha! If you are truly interested in the work I am doing I suggest you join my group. I will be featuring giveaways and contests in the future once i get settled in my new home and things start rolling smoothly again. You can find my group here:  CymberRain’s Creations.

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