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Shrink Film Update

 I have had a busy day here on the mountain. It was cold and snowy up here and not much fun to be outdoors. Thankfully the forecast shows warmer days to come. I am ready for spring!

And speaking of spring, I think my new piece has a bit of a spring feel.After I shrunk this down I really wanted to give it a wrap to showcase those lovely rainbow colors. So I made this wrap with some of my hand dyed rainbow silk ribbon.

 I really do love the color it added but I still think this piece is way too detailed.  I plan on doing things a little more simple in the future to see how the color pops. The black just dominates too much. It was just an experiment though. 

What do you think? Is it too dark or do you think it shows the colors sufficiently?

Since I loved this piece so much I did decide to refine the sketch and worked hard all week to make this new version. I say work but how can it be when I have so much fun doing it?

So here is the new version, refined quite a bit and much larger. I am really out of practice! It has been so long since I did anything with a pencil  that I even took a quick refresher course on shading to get back in the groove. It wasn’t long though before I was shading away happily. I can do this!

This piece will go on my living room wall. I even have a space that has been waiting for that special something. It will fit right in. 

Now I am onto more shrink film experiments, I am not done playing with this medium for sure. I think it has a lot of interesting possibilities and I want to see if any of these crazy ideas in my head work out. I will keep you updated. 

Until then, take care and enjoy the spring weather!

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