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Tiranille Starshine Romantic Wire Wrapped Filigree Earrings

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A touch of romance

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Tiranille Starshine romantic wire wrapped filigree earrings are gorgeous, fanciful earrings. The soft colors and glowing stones combine to make a piece worthy of your most special outfit. Nestled into a bed of filigree swirls are soft and shimmering Opalite rounds.  A swash of gorgeous dangles is hanging below. I used Pip Preciosas in a white-blue luster to make the dangles. These little nugget beads are so lovely. I hand wrap each dangle onto the earring to prevent loss. Jump rings are easy to separate and fall off. Wrapping is a much more durable method than jump ring dangles. These lovely chandelier earrings are made with sterling silver wire and have sterling silver ear wires.

1 review for Tiranille Starshine Romantic Wire Wrapped Filigree Earrings

  1. arlee

    My son ordered these for me, and i was thrilled, as i had ordered a pair of another design myself. Shipped together, these were such a day brightener! Diane’s craftsmanship is exquisite. I receive more compliments on these earrings than any others i have worn. Truly wonderful.

    • Cymmy

      I am so glad that you love these Arlee, they are one of my all-time favorites. I really have to make myself a pair!

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